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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 22308 Front Steps Project! Together we captured dozens of beautiful memories and wrote 150 Letters of CommUNITY. Keep writing, keep connecting!

Our project was recently featured in the Photobiz Growth Hub! Click here to read the full story. 

The Front Steps Project 

Letters of commUNITY!


Hello friends!!!!!  Hope you are all staying healthy!  I would love to pop by and capture your family moment!  A dear friend passed this along to me the other day...a photographer in Massachusetts started...The Front Steps Project and now many photographers around the country are jumping on board!  It's WONDERFUL!  Love how we can all come together as a community!  


(Check it out!  #thefrontstepsproject


I will pop through the neighborhoods on Friday and take your family photos!  Please go to my website and sign up for a 5 minute slot this Friday, March 27th.  It is set up in 30 minute increments, I will be there within that time frame :) and photography up to 4 families every 30 minuets.  I will abide by all social distancing protocol!  And I will be photographing from 6 feet away ;) 

There is no charge for your image, it is a gift to you!  My request is for you to please have a letter that I can share with someone in our community who is helping or needs a smile that isn’t able to be in contact with anyone else.  They will be delivered to a nursing home, grocery store and hospital!  It is a way we can find joy and spread joy...a simple act of kindness!  Please have your letters ready for me when I arrive...I will even take a pix of you with your letter...or sign or some creation we can deliver to someone who would love the thought!

Letters have always been an important part of our story early on love letters because of long distance relationships, being far from our folks, military travels, keeping in touch with friends as we have moved...we always find great joy in sending and receiving we can share with others in our community who are making a difference or can’t get out and would love a hello!  


Letters of commUNITY!


Thank you all! 




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This fall I offered “The Front Porch Sesh” because some people were so busy it was the only place we could get them to gather for a quick photo :) interesting that just a few months later that is where everyone can be all the changes so quickly...embrace them all and remember that the little moments always mean the most...



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The Front Steps Project

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